Keep our school clean


The goal of this activity is to produce signs in English which can be put around the school to help keep the school clean. After considering rubbish problems in the classroom and the school, students brainstorm solutions. They use these solutions to make signs to be placed around the school. The material is expected to take 2 lessons to cover.

Teacher notes

  1. The teacher asks the students to look around the classroom and to identify things which are untidy or dirty. Students make a list of these on the board. The teacher then asks students to think of things which are untidy or dirty in the school, and students make a list of these on the board as well. From these 2 lists, a summary list of the 10 biggest cleanliness problems in the school is made.
  2. In groups, students choose the 3 problems which interest them most. Using the handout, they try to list solutions to the problems.
  3. Students share their solutions with other groups. They then choose the best solutions.
  4. Based on the example signs on the handout, students make first drafts of at least 2 signs to be placed around the school. These are presented to the whole class.
  5. Based on the feedback they receive from their peers, students revise their signs. They then make real versions of the signs and place these in suitable places around the school.


Student handout

Which 3 problems interest you most? Try to think of solutions for your problems.

Problem 1:




Problem 2:




Problem 3:





Look at the signs below. Make signs to stop your problems.


Please put all rubbish

in the rubbish bins

If you spill a drink,

please ask the cleaner

for a cloth to clean it up